Here’s how Halo Infinite’s Fast Travel works?

The map in Halo Infinite is the largest in the franchise to date. As a result, it has included a Fast Travel option to aid in the speeding up of the process. Given Halo Infinite’s odd advancement structure, it’s a little different from how it works in other games. Large portions of the map are frequently accessible, although, in most circumstances, you will be able to employ Fast Travel. This is how it works.

How to Fast Travel in Halo Infinite?

Simply bring up the world map while in the open region of Zeta Halo to Fast Travel in Halo Infinite. Press ‘X’ after hovering over a Forward Operating Base. You will be able to Fast Travel to that location as a result of this. There are some limitations, which become apparent as the story progresses. The House of Reckoning and Foundation story missions, for example, take place in different parts of Zeta Halo. As a result, you won’t be able to Fast Travel to or from these locations. Large portions of Zeta Halo, likewise, cannot be Fast Traveled to unless they are unlocked. In general, once you’ve completed the campaign, Fast Travel becomes considerably more open, and you’re deposited back on Zeta Halo, free to explore.

How to Gain Access to More Quick Travel Points?

Clearing FOBs is required to activate new Fast Travel points. These are Forward Operating Bases that, after clearing of adversaries, serve as fresh Fast Travel stations where you can replenish your weapon and vehicle stockpiles. Fast travel is also possible to places like Beacons and select major banished encampments. To determine if you can warp to a location, simply hover your cursor over it.

Offline Fast Travel:

In the screenshot above, you can see a message that says ‘Fast Travel Online’ in the lower right corner. For the most part, this will be online, yet there will be times in the story when it says ‘Fast Travel Offline.’ Progressing through the plot is the only way to fix this. For the time being, we won’t explain why this is the case; just know that it’s typical for your Fast travel skills to be unavailable at times.

In Halo Infinite, this is how Fast Travel works. Check out our guide on Changing the Difficulty for more information about the game. We also have a look at the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Challenges for this week.