One of the most notable innovations to Halo Infinite is the grappling hook (Grappleshot). It is, however, brand new to the franchise, leaving many players unsure how to grapple in Halo Infinite. In the latest Halo game for Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, and PC, here’s all you need to know about gaining, equipping, and using the grapple.

How to utilize the grappling hook in Halo Infinite?

On Xbox and PC, here’s how to receive and use the Halo Infinite grappling hook (Grappleshot):

  • During a multiplayer match, locate and pick up the Grappleshot.
  • A grappling hook cannot be equipped with a normal loadout.
  • Grappleshot spawns in the center of a map most of the time.
  • On Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One, aim at a surface and press RB to grapple.
  • To grapple on PC, do the same thing but use the Q key (Steam and Game Pass).
  • By aiming at and grappling weapons and objectives (such as flags), you can obtain them.
  • Change your momentum by swinging on the rope while grappling.
  • Jump at any time during a grapple to end the maneuver early.

The grappling hook in Halo Infinite only has three shots before it runs out. Grappleshots don’t have a lot of horizontal range, but they’re ideal for vertical traversal in Halo 5.

While traversing with the Grappleshot is entertaining, employing its grapple ability to capture powerful weapons and objectives is probably the best option. In Capture the Flag mode, grappling a flag may be a huge help to the squad, often flipping matches in the team’s favor and ensuring victory in a stunningly uncomplicated manner.

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