In Halo Infinite, the Hunters are one of the most difficult opponents to defeat. This fast guide provides advice on how to approach Hunters as well as key information about their behavior.

Consider your weapon loadout and the area you’ll have to battle Hunters before engaging them. Power weapons are, unsurprisingly, the finest weapons to use against Hunters. Adding a Sniper, Skewer, or even a Ravager to a Hunter fight will make it much more difficult. If you can’t get one of those, shock weapons like the Disruptor and Shock Rifle are your next best bet. Shock weapons cause damage over time and can stun your enemy if the charge is high enough.

Keep in mind that after you’ve killed one Hunter, the other Hunter will become enraged. When their eyes light and they start charging, you know they’re going insane. There are several lore reasons for this (they’re bonded couples, and you just murdered one of them! ), but the most significant thing for you is that it means you’ll have to be prepared for a charging Hunter if one falls. The Hunters who are still alive will switch from dodging Plasma blasts to a rapid-fire volley of Plasma shots.

  • They can become agitated before a player is knocked out if they’ve absorbed enough damage or if they’ve taken consecutive headshots.
  • The back and sides of hunters are their vulnerable spots. On their bodies, look for tube-like orange clusters.
  • Grappleshot can be used to quickly get behind Hunters and do back damage.
  • Hunters, too, are shaky at the knees! Shoot your large foe’s vulnerable right knee with a scoped weapon for massive damage.
  • Consider loading up a Razorback with Marines and driving them to the conflict if you’re fighting Hunters in the open environment. If you can, set up a Drop Wall for them and then use the Grappleshot to flee. Use them as a decoy to fire shots at the Hunters’ backs.
  • Hunters are able to jump, but not climb. Make use of ledges and other lofty structures in the surroundings. You may often shoot over an edge and then back up to let the Plasma damage fall on the wall, rock, or ledge instead of you!
  • When there isn’t much cover in the combat area, use a Drop Wall for cover.
  • The plasma cannon discharge of Hunters can do some splash damage.
  • The Hunters can use their shield to fling nonsticky grenades away.
  • Hunter conflicts are almost always accompanied by a heavy weapon. Examine what’s available to you by scanning and looking around.
  • Make use of fusion coils! To view what’s around you, use the scan tool. Just make sure you don’t get shot while holding the coil.
  • You can also put a Drop Wall in a high spot that Hunters can’t reach and get a lot of shots in before it’s demolished if you can find a high spot that Hunters can’t reach.

Hunters in Halo Infinite:

Hunters usually travel in pairs, just like in prior Halo games. Their Plasma cannon, which is unique to them, cannot be collected once they’ve been defeated. Hunters do not have shields, but they are tough beasts.

You’ll come across two types of Hunters in Halo Infinite. The traditional blue and orange hue is one type:

traditional blue and orange hue

The other is a special Banished variation that comes in a white and red color scheme. These Hunters are particularly hostile and should be battled from afar: