The Threat Sensor is one of several equipment upgrades available in Halo Infinite for Master Chief to discover. The Threat Sensor detects dangers in its field of effect, as its name implies. It adheres to a surface and searches for opponents after being sent out.

The Threat Sensor may also scan through walls and structures for adversaries. Players can use the Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite on Xbox by pressing RB with the game’s default controller settings. This works in both multiplayer and campaign modes.

How to utilise the Threat Sensor on Xbox?

The Halo Infinite Threat Sensor may be located in the in-game HUD’s equipment slot. Players can only hold one piece of equipment at a time in multiplayer. Master Chief will be needed to switch between equipment during the campaign.

Players only need to pick up the Threat Sensor item in multiplayer mode, and it will be accessible to use with RB. Players will be forced to use the Directional Pad if they do not push the Directional Pad. This will bring up the Equipment Bar, which displays all of Master Chief’s available equipment. Players will be prompted to press down on the D-Pad to make the Threat Sensor the primary item once they get it.

What is the location of the Threat Sensor?

The Threat Sensor will be provided to you before you fight Chak’Lok in the campaign. Players won’t miss out on receiving the equipment if it’s part of the tale. In Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, there are four maps that include a Threat Sensor. They can be found in Equipment Dispensers or looted from other players who have been eliminated.

Players can discover a Threat Sensor on the following maps:

Highpower Fragmentation Deadlock on the Launch Site
If players can make this item a priority, it will greatly assist them in objective modes. When someone approaches a Stronghold or their team’s flag, this piece of equipment can alert players. In Halo Infinite, knowing where your opponents are is vital.